Christy fondly recalls her childhood in Louisiana with her toy piano that her parents bought her, and the day she fell in love with music. At six years old, she graduated from the toy piano to a real one and began to excel, despite never receiving a single lesson. Unsatisfied with the ivory keys however, she sough out other instruments like the sax, the drums, and then the accordion, none of which brought a sense of satisfaction that she desired. Somewhere along her musical journey she tried the guitar, but did not like how the skinny strings felt against her fingers, "and it seemed everyone played guitar", she said. it was her discovery of the bass that launched an indescribably love affair. Within a few months, she was playing gigs with a growing number of bands.

When not playing her beloved basses, Christy can be found flying aerobatics in a Pitts or flying around in her 1946 Cessna 140.

Currently looking for a position in an established pro rock, instrumental, blues, or pop act. Also available for shows, video, or studio work and can travel.

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