I play Spector Basses.
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"Pitts Bass"
Originally a Korean Spector Model
Now a bolt-on FrankenSpector
Everything was rewired/modified
Painted to match my Pitts biplane
(bass can be laid on the wing of the airplane,
where it blends in with the paint scheme!)
Customization by Dwight Maddox of MDX Guitars
Strings are Red by Aurora



Spector NS-5XL #019
Born in Woodstock, NY in 1999
Neck thru body
Body is solid quilted maple
Rosewood fretboard
Abalone inlays

Spector NS-5XL #085
Born in Woodstock, NY in 2002
Lined Fretless
Neck thru body
Body is solid flamed maple
Rosewood fretboard
Strings are multi-color by Aurora


Spector Forte Helium #062
Born in Woodstock, NY in 2014
Neck thru body
Back is 75+ year old redwood that was reclaimed from water tanks on top of office buildings in New York City.
Front is quarter sawn sycamore from salvaged logs that were blown down in forests near Woodstock, NY.
Rosewood fretboard
Inlays are "custom" fleur de lis'
Aurora Strings - glow-in-the-dark


Spector N2-2 #407
Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1979
Maple Neck Thru Body
Solid walnut wings
Rosewood fretboard

  Spector Euro5LX
Born in Czech Republic in 2007
Neck thru body
Figured Maple
Strings are gold by Aurora

  Spector Coda 5DLX
Born in Woodstock, NY in 2013
Bolt on maple body
Buckeye burl top
Birds-eye maple fretboard
Abalone inlays

©2015 Christy Lichtenstein